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E-Sensual Woman

E-Sensual Woman Online Class

A program designed just for Women.  

Help with

  • Sexual Desire
  • Orgasm
  • Hating or Disliking Sex
  • Understanding your body
  • Understanding your Sexuality
  • Vulvar and Sexual Pain

Looking for a program designed for Men?

“Module 5 is teaching me a lot!  Wow, so much to learn about my own body!  The way you are revealing things just as I need them is quite amazing.  I can’t wait to find out what is next!”

- current E-Sensual Woman subscriber, Marlene

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Now Available in Workbook format as Becoming Esmé e-sensual-woman-becoming-esme

More about E-Sensual Woman

As an E-Sensual Woman, you get access to the learning app, which consists of modules, forums, resources to try, a diary and more.

The modules are “lessons” about different aspects of sensuality and sexuality. Each one builds on the previous one, and each one teaches you more about yourself and your relationships.

A great thing about E-Sensual Woman is moving at your own pace, and in the privacy of your home. Some women may get through two modules a week, and some may take a month to go through a module.

Even though you decide the pace of the class, we are always here to guide and encourage you.

You complete the interactive portion of each module and then we interact online discussing your progress. When Dr. Terrell or the E-Consultant feels you are ready to move on, she will give you access to the next Module. This way, you receive valuable professional input at each step of your journey toward your goal(s).

You can also join the conversation with other E-Sensual Women by commenting in the Discussion Group. Offer your insights, what helps and what doesn’t. What you are enjoying about the course. It’s not a requirement, but it’s an opportunity to feel connected and supported.

Questions? Leave Us a Message or call 704.377.2826 to speak with an E-Consultant.

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