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Help for Infidelity

Betrayal Recovery         Dr. Lisa Terrell is a specialist in distressed relationships including the crisis of betrayal.            

 The Handbook for Betrayal Recovery introduces Dr. Lisa Terrell’s 4 Step Process for healing from the Betrayal of cheating, lying, infidelity, and emotional affairs. Whether you or your partner has betrayed your relationship, Dr. Lisa can help you.  In office intensives, distance counseling, or therapeutic and interactive Apps available.

After many years helping couple’s get over affairs and betrayal, Dr. Lisa has established a 4 Step process to facilitate intensive and interpersonal growth for the couple in crisis.

The 4 Steps are:

  1. Self Growth
  2. Commitment Articulation
  3. Trustbuilding 
  4. Time

On average a couple who attends sessions constistently will be stabilized in about 4 weeks with the continuting work of rebuilding a better relationship averaging 3-6 months.

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