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3D Man Subscription

Dr. Lisa Terrell is a Men's Sexuality Specialist with expertise and experience helping men overcome their sexual concerns.

The 3D Man Subscription teaches proven concepts and techniques in an interactive learning environment.

Learn at your own pace and at your convenience.

$60 for 30 days access
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3D Man

The 3D Man Subscription helps men completely relearn their sexual response patterns. The class will benefit all men, including men with specific concerns such as Erection Difficulty or Premature Ejaculation. 3D Man is open for new members to try without obligation.

3D Man consists of Modules that you work through at your own pace. Dr. Lisa takes you step-by-step on a path towards a better sex life. Along with the modules, you have a Private Journal for discussing the work you're doing and asking questions.

Questions about 3D Man? Leave us a Message or call 704.377.2826.

A Sneak Peek at The 3D MAN Modules

  • Assessments created just for men
  • Expert Guided Problem Solving and Sexual Experience Enhancement
  • Learn 3D Sexuality Techniques
  • Proven Techiniques to leave sexual problems or boring routines behind
  • Work completely online, on your schedule
  • Get direct help in your Private Journal from Men's Sexuality specialist, Dr. Lisa Terrell

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